"This is by far one of the best cookbooks I have seen. I love the way Chef Brandon included his family. He gave credit where it was due. The recipes are not hard. Chef really goes into the science of cooking and the proper cookware. I love it..."

L. Washington

"Wow!!!! More detailed health books like this one needs to be available. This book can save lives and maybe put a stop to the many diseases people are catching nowadays. There is healthy food available out there as well as the proper way to prepare it and cook it. This book really points out and teaches people to save their lives. Thanks Chef Brandon!"

A. Gibson

"This book is a great book on the things to avoid eating and things that are proper. I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless of religion or racial background, that wants an ailment free, pain free life. We need more informative cooking like this in the world of these GMO laced foods."

Kamario W.

"Chef dishes are delightful, tasty and healthy. Each dish we tried was out of this world. We were totally blown alway with the flavor each dish had. Chef can help anyone prepare a 5 star meal on a 1 star budget. This book will be a gift for many many of our friends."

Melvin R.